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Unique, creative & attractive templates kick lots of tasks.

Sina Extension for Elementor not only a widgets pack but also a predefined templates pack. It has a lot of predefined blocks or sections and page templates as well. Which works as same as Elementor templates. That will reduce your time and design part. Also you can modify the styles of the templates by the few clicks.

Its blocks and pages not only basic or simple styles. It has lots of more advanced or complex blocks and templates. Also more blocks and pages have on the building process. And this process will keep ever. Cause, our development team will be creating new features continuously. So new templates will be published for our new version of the plugin.

Preset Page Templates

Just insert the template that you want.

Ready Niche Blocks






Ride Share


Predefined Blocks

About Us / Why choose Us

Banner / Hero / Slider

Chart / Statistics / Progress

Contact Form / Get in Touch

Countdown / Timer

Frequently Asking Question (FAQ)


Fun Fact / Counter

Hover Image Effect

Image Accordion

Image Marker / Image Hotspot

Image Scroller

Instant / Live / AJAX Search

Log In / Sign In Form

News ticker


Portfolio / Image Gallery

Posts / Blogs

Posts / Blogs Carousel

Posts / Blogs Gallery

Posts / Blogs Load On Scroll

Posts / Blogs tab

Pricing Plan / Table

Register / Sign Up Form

Review / Testimonial


Social Buttons / Dual Buttons / Buttons

Subscribe / MailChimp


Team / Member

Tilt Box

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